A PCD blade has diamond tips that are coated in a special resin that lubricates the cutting edge during the cutting process

PCD Circular Saw Blades for Aluminum Fabrication
The use of PCD circular saw blades has been shown to provide considerable productivity gains and cost savings for aluminum fabrication operations compared with conventional carbide and steel-tipped circular saw blades. This is especially true for the sawing of hard and brittle aluminum alloys, such as 7075. The increased productivity achieved with PCD blades is due to the significantly longer blade life that is possible, allowing for the cutting of more parts in a shorter period of time. In addition, the increased surface quality of the cut produced by a PCD blade provides improved part appearance and reduced machine downtime and waste.
Sawing is a critical industrial process that requires substantial forces to be applied to the workpiece during cutting. This creates high friction between the workpiece and the saw teeth, leading to various types of wear including adhesive, abrasive, and cracking [1,2].
Unlike conventional metal saws, which are designed to cut through hard materials by alternating rotational and linear movements of the blade in the feed direction, PCD saw blades are specially formulated to grind or polish soft and fragile materials without the need for excessive force. This allows for smoother and cleaner cuts while preserving the surface integrity of the workpieces [3,4]. Moreover, a PCD blade also has a greater number of fewer and deeper gullets than a conventional metal saw, which helps to eliminate dust and swarf during cutting and reduces heat distortion of the workpiece during the grinding process.
A PCD blade is ideal for cutting fiber cement boards such as HardiePlank and other dense board products, as well as other abrasive materials. It can be used with any standard 7-1/4” circular saw and cuts a clean, fine-thin kerf. This reduces friction and drag, increases efficiency and saves on power usage. This blade is a huge improvement over the scissors-type blades that were formerly used to cut these dense boards. Please note that it is still important to use safety glasses and ear protection when cutting these dense materials. It is also highly recommended to use a vacuum or dust mask, as these dense materials create a large spray of grit that can cause serious injury and lung damage if not properly protected.
A PCD blade has diamond tips that are coated in a special resin that lubricates the cutting edge during the cutting process. This increases the lifespan of the blade by 30-50 times over a traditional Carbide tipped blade. The coating also prevents the formation of resin, which leads to corrosion and gumming of the cutting edge, extending the working life of the blade. The blade is also ring-tensioned, which further stabilizes it and maximizes cutting accuracy. The blade has laser cut vibration slots to further minimize wobble and warping during use.