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Zhejiang Zhongcun Precision Cutter Machinery Co., Ltd established in 2005 in Huzhou city, which is the leader of technology innovation in China. Build up two branches in China successively: Harbin Zhongcun has advanced production process machines and manufacturing area in 24000 square meters, Huzhou Tetsuya mainly produce iron ceramic cold saw blade, dry cutting saw blade excusive to ironman, PCD diamond saw blade. Until now, we have 17 years production experience of Precision Cutter Saw Blades. Our total manufacturing base area is 62000 square meters and more than 20 modernization assembly lines, annual production quantity is 3.5-4.0 million pieces. We got ISO9001 management system certification in 2015 and two patents.

Zhejiang Zhongcun Precision Cutter Machinery Co., Ltd is China TCT Saw Blades Manufacturers and OEM Metal Saw Blades Factory, we offer wholesale Precision Cutter Saw Blades for sale online. Our tenet is innovation and development, keeping excellence as well as honesty and credibility. We have professional production department, quality control department R&D department, finance department and Sales department. So we can do OEM and ODM service for you. If you have any requirements of saw blade, we can supply all kinds of professional service for you, such as pre-production design, follow-up of progress in production, shipping arrangement and others.

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Honesty and practicality, persevering unremittingly, teamwork spirit, achieving greatness.

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High standard, high precision, zero defect.

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Do not accept substandard products, do not manufacture substandard products, and do not flow out substandard products.

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Product Industry Knowledge Extension

Classification Of Precision Cutting Saw Blades
Precision cutting saw blades are divided into high-speed steel saw blades (HSS saw blades), solid carbide saw blades, TCT saw blades, inlaid alloy saw blades, diamond saw blades, etc. according to their materials.
Precision cutting saw blades are divided into: milling saw blades, machine saw blades, manual saw blades, metal special saw blades (aluminum industry saw blades, copper cutting saw blades, stainless steel saw blades, etc.), pipe cutting circular saw blades , Wood saw blades, stone saw blades, acrylic saw blades, etc.
According to the surface coating, the precision cutting saw blades are divided into: white steel saw blades (natural color), nitrided saw blades (black), titanium-plated saw blades (gold), chromium nitride (color), etc.
Other categories: cutting saw blades, cut off saw blades, grooving saw blades, kerf saw blades, integral saw blades, insert saw blades, ultra-thin saw blades.

Basic Requirements For Precision Cutting Saw Blades
1、Select the appropriate precision cutting saw blade according to the design requirements of the equipment.
2、The equipped equipment should have safety protection devices, such as: protective cover, power-off brake, and overload protection.
3、Professional operators should be installed and used, and wear labor clothing, protective glasses, earmuffs, etc.
4、Operators should not wear gloves, long hair should be put in work caps, and pay attention to ties and cuffs to prevent danger.
5、Keep away from fire and humid environment.

Installation Requirements For Precision Cutting Saw Blades
⒈The equipment is in good condition, the main shaft has no deformation, no radial jump, the installation is firm, and there is no vibration.
2.Check whether the precision cutting saw blade is damaged, whether the tooth shape is complete, whether the saw board is smooth and clean, and whether there are other abnormal phenomena to ensure safe use.
3.When assembling, make sure that the arrow direction of the precision cutting saw blade is consistent with the rotation direction of the main shaft of the equipment.
4.When installing the precision cutting saw blade, keep the axis, the chuck and the flange clean. The inner diameter of the flange is consistent with the inner diameter of the saw blade to ensure that the flange and the saw blade are tightly combined. Install the positioning pin and tighten the nut. The size of the flange should be appropriate, and the outer diameter should not be less than 1/3 of the diameter of the saw blade.
5.Before starting the equipment, under the condition of ensuring safety, there is a single person to operate the equipment, jog and idle, check whether the equipment is turning correctly, whether there is vibration, and the saw blade is idling for a few minutes after it is installed, and it works normally after no slipping, swinging or jumping .