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Iron circular saw blades refers to cutting saw blade for iron material, which are used in Precise cutting of materials such as cast iron, metal, etc. Iron is resistant to high pressure and high temperature, and will generate high heat during the cutting process. The heat will not dissipate quickly during the cutting process, so the heat dissipation performance of the saw blade is very important. Improper selection will affect the service life of the saw blade.

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Zhejiang Zhongcun Precision Cutter Machinery Co., Ltd established in 2005 in Huzhou city, which is the leader of technology innovation in China. Build up two branches in China successively: Harbin Zhongcun has advanced production process machines and manufacturing area in 24000 square meters, Huzhou Tetsuya mainly produce iron ceramic cold saw blade, dry cutting saw blade excusive to ironman, PCD diamond saw blade. Until now, we have 17 years production experience of Iron Circular Saw Blades. Our total manufacturing base area is 62000 square meters and more than 20 modernization assembly lines, annual production quantity is 3.5-4.0 million pieces. We got ISO9001 management system certification in 2015 and two patents.

Zhejiang Zhongcun Precision Cutter Machinery Co., Ltd is China Iron Circular Saw Blades Manufacturers and OEM Iron Circular Saw Blades Factory, we offer wholesale Iron Circular Saw Blades for sale online. Our tenet is innovation and development, keeping excellence as well as honesty and credibility. We have professional production department, quality control department R&D department, finance department and Sales department. So we can do OEM and ODM service for you. If you have any requirements of saw blade, we can supply all kinds of professional service for you, such as pre-production design, follow-up of progress in production, shipping arrangement and others.

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Iron Circular Saw Blades Industry Knowledge Extension

Frequently Asked Questions About Iron Circular Saw Blades
When cutting, there are impurities on the surface of the workpiece, or its own material is not balanced, it is easy to cause the iron circular saw blade to be damaged due to the uneven force during the wear process, which leads to cracking. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the type and thickness of the mucous membrane and the difference in cutting depth, which can easily lead to chipping. In the process, if the cooling water is not sufficient, it will also affect the cooling degree of the iron circular saw blade, which will directly affect the To the effective use of cutting ability, it is also very easy to cause edge banding. Therefore, choosing a suitable iron circular saw blade plays a very important role in avoiding the above problems. In addition, it should be noted that if the particle size of the iron circular saw blade is not suitable, it can also lead to various chipping.

Selection Of Tooth Shape Of Iron Circular Saw Blade
1. A-type teeth (right-angle teeth): arc bottom triangular tooth shape, small tooth pitch, mainly suitable for cutting thin-walled pipes, section steel and shallow grooves, especially for short chip materials;
2. AW teeth (right-angle chamfered teeth): angular teeth have alternate helical teeth, fine pitch, suitable for precision machinery and thin-walled tubes;
3. Type B teeth (arc teeth): mainly used for sawing ultra-thin ordinary iron pipes or sawing non-ferrous metal materials.
4. BW type teeth (arc chamfering teeth): This is the most commonly used tooth type for iron circular saw blades, suitable for cutting ordinary iron pipes or stainless steel pipes.
5. C-shaped teeth (high and low teeth): Due to the presence of roughing and finishing teeth, this geometric tooth type is suitable for larger cross-sectional areas and solid material cutting; due to higher pre-cutting teeth (with two sides) Angle) is about 0.15~0.3mm higher than the finished tooth (flat tooth), then the cut sawdust will be divided into three small pieces, so the sawdust will be relatively small, which can show when cutting iron pipes below the medium tensile strength Very good cutting performance and durability of iron circular saw blades. This type of tooth type iron circular saw blade has a higher grinding energy, and the height difference between the pre-cut tooth and the finished tooth must also be paid attention to when grinding. If it is used for grooving, there will be a groove formed by the pre-cut teeth at the bottom of the kerf.
6. BS tooth (arc slotted tooth): This tooth type can be described as a "chip breaker". It is generally used for pipes and structural steel and solid bars with small cross-sections, and usually has a high cutting speed. However, this tooth type needs to be grooved, and it is difficult for ordinary grinding units to grind, and it is rarely used.
7. VT-type teeth (variable teeth): This kind of iron circular saw blade tooth shape is based on the variable tooth form of band saw blades. , It is rarely used in the actual application of iron circular saw blades.