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The stainless steel circular saw blades are circular saw blades for steel cutting, mainly suitable for precision cutting of color steel tiles, ordinary angle steel, section steel, steel pipe, solid steel, etc. Stainless steel circular saw blades have stronger wear resistance, Good resistance, higher sawing quality, can significantly improve the utilization rate of saw blades, and the lifespan can reach several times that of ordinary saw blades.

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Zhejiang Zhongcun Precision Cutter Machinery Co., Ltd is China Stainless Steel Circular Saw Blades Manufacturers and OEM Stainless Steel Circular Saw Blades Factory, we offer wholesale Stainless Steel Circular Saw Blades for sale online. Our tenet is innovation and development, keeping excellence as well as honesty and credibility. We have professional production department, quality control department R&D department, finance department and Sales department. So we can do OEM and ODM service for you. If you have any requirements of saw blade, we can supply all kinds of professional service for you, such as pre-production design, follow-up of progress in production, shipping arrangement and others.

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Stainless Steel Circular Saw Blades Industry Knowledge Extension

Application Range Of Stainless Steel Circular Saw Blades
The stainless steel circular saw blade is a toothed saw blade. The stainless steel circular saw blade is a saw blade composed of a large amount of carbon (C), tungsten (W), molybdenum (Mo), chromium (Cr), vanadium (V) and other elements. After heat treatment, it has high thermal hardness, and when the cutting temperature is as high as 600 ° C, the hardness still does not decrease significantly. High-speed steel saw blades are especially suitable for cutting difficult-to-cut materials (such as heat-resistant steel, stainless steel and other high-strength steel); they can also be used for grooving or cutting of small metal materials such as steel, iron, copper, aluminum, etc.; It can be used for cutting wood, plastic and other materials.

The Use And Characteristics Of Stainless Steel Circular Saw Blades
The stainless steel circular saw blade has the characteristics of high efficiency, smooth cutting without burrs, multiple grinding, and the tooth shape can be selected arbitrarily according to the sawing material. It can cut ordinary steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metal profiles of various cross-sections, and can accurately cut various angles. It is the equipment for mass production of steel pipe furniture, sports equipment, tourism and leisure products, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, baby carriage accessories and indirect industries. The use of stainless steel circular saw blades: sawing, cutting, blanking and milling materials, ditching, etc. Pipe cutting machines, metal circular saws, pipe cutting machines, pipe processing machines, sawing machines, milling machines, etc. The characteristics of the stainless steel circular saw blade: long service life, high surface finish of the product, the saw blade gear grinding machine repeatedly grinds the teeth, and the chip life of the saw blade after grinding is the same as that of a new saw blade. It can improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

How To Better Use Stainless Steel Circular Saw Blades?
1. Trial operation of the new stainless steel circular saw blade.
In order to prolong the service life, let the metal circular saw machine and the new stainless steel circular saw blade (new and unused saw blade or the saw blade after each grinding) have a more sufficient running-in process. Within 10 minutes of the cutting operation, It is very necessary to reduce the feed rate.
2. Cutting and feeding speed.
The cutting speed depends on the cross-section and toughness of the workpiece being cut. For materials such as stainless steel, which are difficult to cut and have high toughness, a slower speed is very beneficial to improve the service life of the saw blade, and for some ferrous materials with relatively low toughness, the saw blade speed can be increased accordingly.
3. Grind the saw blade timely and correctly.
Pay attention to the working condition of the saw blade at any time. If abnormalities such as vibration, noise, and material feeding on the processing surface occur, it must be stopped in time to adjust, and it must be sharpened in time to keep it sharp. Timely and correct regrinding of the saw blade can maximize the efficiency of the saw blade.
4. Add suitable coolant.
Because of the high temperature generated during cutting, the saw blade may be deformed. Without coolant, it not only affects the life of the saw blade, but also the cutting effect is not ideal. So please add coolant.
5. Observing the sawdust allows you to roughly judge the current performance status of the saw blade.
1) The sawdust is very fine or powdery, indicating that the cutting pressure is too small.
2) Coarse and soft sawdust, indicating cutting overload.
3) The sawdust is in the shape of a long spiral filament, which means it is in good condition.
4) If you increase the feed speed, you should choose thicker teeth accordingly.