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Zhejiang Zhongcun Precision Cutter Machinery Co., Ltd established in 2005 in Huzhou city, which is the leader of technology innovation in China. Build up two branches in China successively: Harbin Zhongcun has advanced production process machines and manufacturing area in 24000 square meters, Huzhou Tetsuya mainly produce iron ceramic cold saw blade, dry cutting saw blade excusive to ironman, PCD diamond saw blade. Until now, we have 17 years production experience of Multi-Purpose Circular Saw Blades. Our total manufacturing base area is 62000 square meters and more than 20 modernization assembly lines, annual production quantity is 3.5-4.0 million pieces. We got ISO9001 management system certification in 2015 and two patents.

Zhejiang Zhongcun Precision Cutter Machinery Co., Ltd is China Multi-Purpose Circular Saw Blades Manufacturers and OEM Multi-Purpose Circular Saw Blades Factory, we offer wholesale Multi-Purpose Circular Saw Blades for sale online. Our tenet is innovation and development, keeping excellence as well as honesty and credibility. We have professional production department, quality control department R&D department, finance department and Sales department. So we can do OEM and ODM service for you. If you have any requirements of saw blade, we can supply all kinds of professional service for you, such as pre-production design, follow-up of progress in production, shipping arrangement and others.

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Multi-Purpose Circular Saw Blades Industry Knowledge Extension

Requirements For The Use Of Multi-Purpose Circular Saw Blades
⒈When working, the workpiece should be fixed, and the profile positioning should conform to the direction of the knife, so as to avoid abnormal cutting, do not apply side pressure or curve cutting, and the knife should be fed smoothly, so as to avoid the impact of the blade on the workpiece, which will cause damage to the multi-purpose circular saw blade , or the workpiece flies out, resulting in an accident.
2. When working, if you find abnormal sound and vibration, rough cutting surface, or peculiar smell, you must stop the operation immediately, check in time, and eliminate the fault to avoid accidents.
⒊When starting cutting and stopping cutting, do not feed the tool too fast to avoid broken teeth and damage.
4. If cutting aluminum alloy or other metals, use a special cooling lubricant to prevent the multi-purpose circular saw blade from overheating, causing paste, and other damage, which will affect the cutting quality.
⒌The chip flute and slag suction device of the equipment should be ensured to be unblocked to prevent slag from forming into blocks, affecting production and safety.
6. When dry cutting, please do not cut continuously for a long time, so as not to affect the service life and cutting effect of the saw blade; wet film cutting should be cut with water to prevent leakage.

Maintenance Of Multi-Purpose Circular Saw Blades
1. If the multi-purpose circular saw blade is not used immediately, it should be placed flat or hung up by using the inner hole. Do not stack other objects or step on the flat saw blade, and pay attention to moisture and corrosion.
2. When the multi-purpose circular saw blade is no longer sharp and the cutting surface is rough, it must be reground in time. Grinding cannot change the original angle and destroy the dynamic balance.
⒊ The internal diameter correction and positioning hole processing of multi-purpose circular saw blades must be carried out by the factory. If the processing is not good, it will affect the use effect of the product and may cause danger. In principle, the reaming should not exceed the original diameter of 20mm, so as not to affect the balance of stress
⒋ Alloy grinding wheel selection.
1) The bonding strength of the resin bonded diamond grinding wheel is weak, so the self-sharpening can be good during grinding, it is not easy to clog, the grinding efficiency is high, the grinding force is small, and the grinding temperature is low. The disadvantage is poor wear resistance and abrasive wear Large, not suitable for heavy duty grinding.
2) Vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel has better wear resistance and bonding ability than resin bond, sharp cutting, high grinding efficiency, not easy to generate heat and clogging, less thermal expansion, easy to control precision, disadvantages are rough grinding surface and high cost .
3) Metal-bonded diamond grinding wheels have high bonding strength, good wear resistance, low wear, long life, low grinding cost, and can withstand large loads, but have poor sharpness and are easy to block.
4) The abrasive particle size has a certain influence on the clogging and cutting capacity of the grinding wheel. Compared with the fine grit, the coarse grit will increase the wear of the cutting edge when the cutting depth is large, and the grinding wheel is easy to clog.
5) The hardness of the grinding wheel has a great influence on the clogging. The high hardness of the grinding wheel has a high thermal conductivity, which is not conducive to surface heat dissipation, but it is beneficial to improve the processing accuracy and durability.
6) The concentration selection of the grinding wheel is an important feature, which has a great impact on the grinding efficiency and processing cost. If the concentration is too low, the efficiency will be affected. Otherwise, the abrasive grains will fall off easily, but the optimal concentration range of the bonding agent is also the best.