Brief Introduction Of TCT Saw Blade


TCT (tungsten carbide) saw blades are re-sharpened circular saw blades. They are equipped with gear reducers and electronic motors. It allows the user to maintain consistent torque while reducing blade RPM. Therefore, when fed at a constant speed, each tooth of the blade has a high chip load. The following items can use TCT saw blades: wood, some ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, plastics.

In general, a circular saw is a toothed blade designed to cut metal. For TCT saw blades, these teeth are coated with tungsten carbide, which enables the module to cut metal quickly. It also prolongs the life of the TCT, making it sharper than a typical blade.

The teeth on this knife are also replaceable and are mainly used to transfer the heat generated by the chips produced by the saw blade. It allows both the material to be cut and the edge to remain calm.

TCT circular saw blades are widely used in several industries namely for heavy duty applications involving titanium, cobalt, nickel and zirconium. Some of these applications include:

• reduce parts

• Metal pipes, rails and pipes

Heavy jobs such as these are specific to:

• Railway industry

• Steel pipe industry

• Timber industry

• Aluminum

If you happen to work in any of the fields above, the TCT Saw Blade is here to help. Of course, if you use any of the materials listed above, TCT Saw Blade can also greatly benefit you.

If you are tired of wasting money on saw blades with short lifespans, TCT saw blades are well worth the investment. Generally, they are classified as cold saws and this percentage will remain high over a longer period. These blades are in high demand as they allow you to adjust the cutting speed and feed rate of the modules.

It offers more cutting control than most blades, and you can change the tool depending on the type and size of material you're cutting. Additional advantages include:

• Minimal Burr production

• Reduced sparks

• poor discoloration

• no dust

• Flood coolant system enables sparks and discoloration, keeping blades and materials fresh.

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