Do You Need A High Speed Metal Cutting Saw Blade?


Today we introduce a Metal Saw Blades.

Saw blade alias: also known as HSS saw blade, white steel saw blade, wind steel saw blade, circular saw blade, metal circular saw blade, pipe cutting machine saw blade, HSS saw blade, pipe blanking saw blade, etc.

Saw blade material: tungsten molybdenum alloy steel (HSS-DM05)

Saw blade use: high-speed steel saw blades are widely used, and are often used for sawing various materials (such as ordinary steel, stainless steel, high-strength steel, aluminum, copper, plastic, fireproof board, wood and other materials), cutting, blanking, milling, and trenching , Opening and other processing; can also be used for plastic, rubber, PVC, paper, cloth and other fabric processing.

Processing materials: High-speed steel saw blades can process materials such as low (medium) alloy steel, high carbon steel, high-strength steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, plastic, wood, rubber, fabric and so on.

Applicable machinery: various domestic and imported automatic or semi-automatic and hydraulic pipe cutting machines, metal circular saw machines, pipe cutting machines, pipe processing machinery, sawing machine tools, milling machines, and various special equipment, etc.

Subsequent processing: During the use of various high-speed steel saw blades, the blade teeth have no blade edge, and after they become blunt, they can be repeatedly ground with a special saw blade grinder. The life of the high-speed steel saw blade after grinding is the same as that of the new saw blade, and it can be used repeatedly.

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