Cutting Stainless Steel Circular Saw Blades


A stainless steel circular saw blade belongs to the field of cutting tools for metal blanking.

Cutting materials involve the predecessors of parts in various industries, such as automobiles, ships, aircraft, bearings, etc., which currently use traditional processing. Example: band saw, laser plasma, circular saw blade wire cutting, high noise, long working hours, heavy environmental pollution, and traditional saw blades are prone to tooth chipping and cracking when sawing. The cutting section is not smooth, the burrs are large, and the production efficiency is greatly reduced due to frequent replacement of saw blades.

Therefore, how to solve the above problems has become the focus of research by those skilled in the art.

The stainless steel cutting saw blade provides a special circular saw blade for metal cutting, which can completely solve the above-mentioned deficiencies in the prior art.

Round steel, steel pipe, stainless steel and special-shaped steel cutting special circular saw blade, its characteristic is

a. The circular saw blade can effectively improve the problem of chip removal during cutting, so that the flatness and finish of the cut material is better.

b. The support position of the circular saw blade is processed by the machine independently developed by the company. The stress method is the first in China, which makes the circular saw blade more efficient when cutting and the cut material is smoother.

c. The angle of the side of the circular saw blade is changed according to the cutting material, and the cutting efficiency is more than doubled.

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