Types Of Wooden Circular Saw Blades


Wooden circular saw blades can be seen everywhere in life. Woodworking saw blades have been loved by people since their creation. It can not only be used to saw wooden products, but also the cutting of iron materials can only be completed with the assistance of the saw blade. The use of woodworking saw blades is very wide, and the classification is also different.

Types Of Wooden Circular Saw Blades

1. According to different material classification: high-speed steel saw blades (HSS saw blades), solid carbide saw blades, tungsten steel saw blades, toothed alloy saw blades, diamond saw blades, etc.

2. Classification according to application: milling cutter saw blade, machine saw blade, manual saw blade, metal special saw blade (aluminum industry saw blade, copper cutting saw blade, stainless steel saw blade, etc.), pipe cutting circular saw blade, wood saw blade Saw blades, stone saw blades, cutting acrylic saw blades, etc.

3. Surface coating classification: white steel saw blade (natural color), nitride saw blade (black), titanium-plated saw blade (gold), chromium nitride (color), etc. 4. Other categories and names: cutting saw blades, cutting saw blades, grooving saw blades, kerf saw blades, integral saw blades, insert saw blades, and ultra-thin saw blades.

4. Saw particleboard, melamine board, particle board, plywood and other veneer boards, choose Malaysia, Japan's Kanfang, Germany's daedalus saw blade, Germany's Leke saw blade.

5. For wood-based panels, MDF, and solid wood, choose German daedalus saw blades, German Leke saw blades, Malaysia Rui Wudi

6. The choice of multi-blade saw for logs is Rui Wudi, AKE Jinfengli Yongtai

7. If it is not considered from the brand's reputation, the richness of the products, and the company's services, purely from the point of view of use, the factory will generally choose the German daedalus saw blade. It is not because it is the best quality saw blade, because it is the most neutral. For those manufacturers who want to cut different plates at the same time, the saw blade will be easier to use in general.

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