Scope Of Application Of Saw Blade Category


Cutting tools for low hardness carbon steel and non-ferrous metal bars and tubes

The general material of circular saw blade is mainly used for cutting low hardness carbon steel and non-ferrous metal rods and pipes. Tube-cutting circular saw blades for superhard materials are used for milling of difficult-to-cut materials (heat-resistant iron, high-hardness steel such as stainless steel).

Saw blade category application range

Steel is used for cutting angle iron, steel plate, channel iron, I-beam, pipe fittings and other ferrous metal profiles and components.

Ultra-thin steel is used for cutting metals including corrugated tiles, sheet metal, pipes and stainless steel whose thickness is less than 1/8", and there is no burr around the cutting edge.

Stainless Steel is used to cut all stainless steel, including stainless steel plate, pipe, and commercial kitchens 1/4" thick or less.

Aluminum is used to cut aluminum forgings with a thickness of 3/8" or less, including aluminum moldings, aluminum plates, aluminum corners, and aluminum fences.

Wood is used to cut wood of any size and shape, including 2*4'S.

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